Business connections

Thanks to a combination of wireless and cable  technologies, we are able to provide your business with a solution by which we create all basic access points at your business to ensure the best communication.

Please, contact us and we will inform you about all opportunities that might help yout to reduce the costs of your business and to take advantage from these. 


  Small enterprises Companies
Connection Fee: Depends on actual offer Estimate of costs
Montly Fee 49,99 € Depending on the number of telephone lines
2 Telephone lines,
Basic Internet access
Estimate of costs




  • The equipment installed in the office is the property of the client (Ubiquiti, CPE, Sipura, power supplies, cable, etc.)
  • The damages caused to the equipment will be paid by the client. It is advised to contract a UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply).
  • The operating system must be windows 2000 or a higher version.
  • The fax service is available
  • The non-payment entails the disconnection of the system. To resume the service, you will have to register again.
  • For registrations of pre-existent equipment, the fee will be increased by the expenses derived directly from the reinstallation, revision or substitution of the equipment.